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Wool Top Hat for ages 5-12 years for $22!

Hello lovely steam parents!

I hope this is allowed--I didn't see anything about no posts about things for sale on the user page.

Basically, I joined this discount fashion web page a while ago after jaborwhalky posted that there was some steamy stuff on there and today I see that they have a beautiful little wool top hat for sale for ages 5-7 and 8-12! And it's $22! Alas, my daughter was not at all interested, but just in case your kid might be, it is on the HauteLook website, which is free to join and, if you would click through on my invite code (http://www.hautelook.com/invite/JRhodes524), I get credit for folks joining through me. But please don't feel obligated (you can absolutely join free and of your own volition with no kick back to me whatsoever).

The hat is part of the San Diego Hat Company sale (they also have bowlers and cowboy hats and adorable knit things) which goes down tomorrow (10/19) at 8 AM Pacific Time.

Here's the listing:



Baby Shower Invite

I believe I posted about babyshower invites a little while ago.
Well I am now 32 weeks along and just made the invites for the event.

I now to think of what to do for favors and decor.

Steamy Baby Shower?

So my mom is planning me a baby shower which means I do all the planning she just houses the event itself.

I have been looking online for anything steamy or victorian styled appropriate for a baby boy but cant really find anything.

Sorry link doesnt work but basically it's baby blue with a hot air balloon etching in brown..  I did find this for a baby registry announcement which is the most adorable thing in the world IMHO for a steampunk baby boy, However that is where my inspiration has come to a hault.  (also I cant figure out how to word that I have a registry at Walmart in any way but  "Hey I have a Baby Registry at Walmart under my name :)" which doesnt really fit the elegance that I would like to have)

 I have gone to a baby shower where there were letters to the guests from the Baby thanking them for the wonderful gifts and their presence at the event, which I would also like to do.

Any other ideas?

Kids these days!

You know you are living in a steampunk household when you buy a new pocketwatch, and the first thing your daughter says is "Cool! Can I help you take it apart?"

"No honey, this one actually WORKS!"



Here is a link to the blog post about the steampunk lamp I just finished making for my son's room:

Lamp/Power Source

Party Balloons

I'm in the early stages of trying to decide what to do for my son's 9th birthday, since he has requested an Airship Pirate birthday. So, today, I decided to find out what kind of airship shaped balloons were available and thought I'd share what I found.

If your budget is a bit larger than mine, this one looks like fun:


This one, which is meant to be a replacement balloon for RC blimps, is really more my price range:


If your little adventurer would rather travel to the bottom of the sea, than take to the air, I saw this and thought it was the coolest thing ever:

Cricket Magazine

 I was looking up a couple products I had seen in the Cricket Magazine catalog we had recently received and saw this great Magazine cover.

These are the things I was actually looking for:




Pregnant Steam

So I am going to a Steampunk ball in January and yup I will be showing (although slightly) my baby bump....any ideas for a steampunk maternity outfit?

Thanks in advanced!
Steampunk comic artists JL Jones and Marlon de Rivera of Ever Tomorrow

Ever Tomorrow is a steampunk fantasy created by JL Jones and Marlon de Rivera following the exploits of teenage Andrea Corsair. Miss Corsair lives in the country of Garland, currently at war with the distant nation of Denmore, and her father owns a small clock and music box shop in its capital, St. Emile.

Andrea has a peculiarly strong sense of hearing which allows her to discern tiny sounds within clockwork and machinery, and thus has a rather unladylike affinity for all things mechanical. A natural, daydream-like curiosity, along with her understanding of clockwork, leads her to become involved with the war at a level she never expected, and lands her head first into the kind of adventure she always dreamed of... but is it everything she hoped for?

Click here to read our interview with Ever Tomorrow creators JL Jones and Marlon de Rivera at Dieselpunks.org

Ebay find

Does anyone have a young adventuress who needs a tweed vest?

I just love this. I don't think it would fit our girl, but it just seems so sweet!

Edit: Fixed the link.